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Visual writing activities

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

It is important that we understand our students in ab Initio. They are coming with a zero or minimum language exposure and the more we help them to start learning comfortably at early stages the better. This strategy scaffold writing with visuals. Usually, the first times you can also do this activity in a collaborative way. Let them write in collaboration with their partners to release the pressure, after two three times you can switch to individual writing assignments using this technique.

The idea is quite simple. The students are provided with three images that illustrates a certain topic and a sequence. They have to write a text (tell them which one you want them to write to work format as well) that illustrate the three images.

Low-stress environment

Allowing your students to work in groups help them to grow in a low-stress environment. It is positive to let them collaborate at early stages to gain confidence.

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