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Ab Initio Unit: Atributos personales

This unit or topic is part of the theme Identities. Within Identities we can found four topics:

  • Personal attributes

  • Personal relationships

  • Eating and drinking

  • Physical well-being 


The guiding principle is 

Explore the nature of the self and how we express who we are 

Some possible questions to guide your teaching are:

  • How do I present myself to others? = ¿Cómo me presento a otros?

  • How do I express my identity? = ¿Cómo expreso mi identidad?

  • How do I achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle? = ¿Cómo puedo lograr un estilo de vida equilibrado y saludable?

These are the sub-topics for this topic:

  • Detalles personales: dirección, edad, nacionalidad, idioma(s)

  • Aspecto físico

  • Personalidad

  • Ropa

Very frequently this is our first unit when starting our ab Initio courses along with greetings and introductions. If this is going to be our first unit we want to make sure we start our year with the right foot. Remember to combine some basic language knowledge activities along with this unit to help your students, such as, numbers, basic pronunciation, etc.​


Some other considerations are:

I consider very important that we introduce our students in a comprehensive manner to such important verbs in Spanish as Ser / Estar / Tener.

It is the perfect time to start talking about the difference between Ser and Estar



Practice making connections with your students, model it in class, explore a concept through different angles

Another idea could be to consider cycle teaching, or teaching the basics of this unit and revisit this same unit expanding on vocabulary, structures, etc later on

A good idea can be to connect this unit with body parts, if you want to know more about this, please click here.

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