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Paper 2 - LC - Text A - Presentaciones

Post-listening activity:


Asking questions (Individual):



Provide students with models they can use to ask questions after the listening. Some examples of these can be:

  • ¿Cómo se dice … ?

  • Escuché una frase que sonaba como “...” pero no estoy familiarizado/a con esta estructura

  • No comprendí la parte después de “...”

Note: The purpose of the clarification step is to encourage the social strategy of asking questions. By giving models of clarification, the teacher can encourage specific kinds of clarification. (Rost, 2002)



Use these models of clarification to ask questions after the listening. Don’t be shy, any question is a good one and nobody was born knowing everything. After asking for a clarification take notes on your teacher’s response.

Pre-listening activity:

Listen for these!



It’s vital that our students don’t develop any fear to listening comprehension tasks. We want the challenge to be an act of listening and not of understanding, especially the first times we expose our students to this kind of task. To make sure of this a very easy way is to give specific directions to what to look for in the listening task.



Answer to these questions below and pay attention to these concepts during your listening. These answers will provide you with crucial information for your listening task.

[Full activity on PDF]


Careful! There is a false friend here that can confuse you. 

Presentaciones = Introductions

Introductions doesn't mean introducciones in this context.

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