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Paper 2 - LC - Text B - Descripción personal de mi persona

Pre-listening activity:

Brainstorming (Collaborative):



By expressing ideas and listening to what others say, students adjust their previous knowledge or understanding, accommodate new information and increase their levels of awareness. Our purpose is to:

  • focus students' attention on a particular topic

  • generate a quantity of ideas

  • teach acceptance and respect for individual differences

  • encourage learners to take risks in sharing their ideas and opinions

  • demonstrate to students that their knowledge and their language abilities are valued and accepted

  • introduce the practice of idea collection prior to beginning tasks such as writing or solving problems

  • provide an opportunity for students to share ideas and expand their existing knowledge by building on each other's contributions



[Full activity on PDF]

Post-listening activity:


Summarise the audio passage (Individual)


Summarising benefits and requirements:


  • pinpoint the key information

  • state and connect main ideas, condense information and learn to integrate and remember what you have learned

  • reflect and generate ideas about what has been heard  

  • discriminate relevant and less important information




Summarise the audio passage in no more than 50 words.

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